Out of the Light

And they walked on by. Temple of the Tooth, Sri Lanka.
We wandered over the countryside experiencing the miracles of life. Huge bats the size of cats hung from trees, monkeys pillaged our camera gear, lush jungles cried out at us, elephants walked the streets, an abundance of fruit stands colored the countryside...miracles impossible to miss! We stood in the darkness of the Temple of the Tooth looking out into the light at the wonders created just through the door, then suddenly color filled the doorway as the crimson draped monks passed from the light into the darkness. Then the color was gone. The moment passed so quickly. The richness of the color through the door remained vibrant and alive.

Limited Edition: 50 s/n image size: 18” x 30”
Giclee on 100% cotton rag mould made Artist Paper

$1,500.00 USD